We prepare technical and working designs, and supervise project implementation:

Electrical engineering networks for buildings:

Area and street lighting systems
Design of solar plants
Lightning protection
Interior lighting
Power networks

Security systems

Traffic control systems
Passage control systems
Entrance control systems
Video surveillance systems
Burglar alarm systems

Electronic communications

Population warning systems with sirens
Lock systems for hotels
Client queue management systems
Parking-lot-occupancy indication systems
Data-transmission networks for data centres
Audiovisual and conferencing systems
Personnel call systems
TV networks
Telecommunications (computer and telephone networks)
Outdoor electronic communications

Fire detection, fire alarm and evacuation control systems

Voice evacuation systems
Aspirating fire detection and alarm systems
Address fire detection and alarm systems

Process automation and control

Automated process management, measurement and control systems
Automation of sewage and water-supply pumping stations
Automation of heat stations and boiler houses
Automation of fire hydrant buttons
Automation systems for flue-gas removal
Automation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, water supply and sewerage, and fixed fire-extinguishing systems
Automation of controls for building engineering systems